Promise Rings and Their Kinds

Promise Rings and Their Kinds

Love is a very beautiful relationship where you get all the happiness in the world. If you want to show your special one how much you love them, then there is no better way than gifting they promise rings. It could be used as a sign of developing a relationship or as the sign of commitment that you show to your special one that you are ready to spend your life with them. You can have names engraved on them as well. They are available in all shapes, sizes, but the colors are only two – silver and golden.

Fun Fact – Do you know why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand? It is done so because there is a vein within that finger that goes straight to the heart. If you are planning on buying one, then you should gather all information about it and then choose the best. First and foremost is that they come in various types. To name a few:

  • Plain band – Simple promise rings are a plain band with no design and stone on it. They come in gold and silver. Though it is simple yet it is the most elegant rings of all.
  • Fingerprints promise rings – It may sound bizarre, but you can have your fingerprints engraved on the band as well. This is most suitable for couples madly in love.
  • Name engraved rings – In this one, you can have your partner’s name engraved on either outside or inside of the ring. It shows your immense love and attachment to the person you love. It is very romantic and gives the feeling of personal touch.
  • Interlocking promise rings– The design of the ring shows interlocking which can be seen as a metaphor for being interlocked in love. It is also the promise that one day they will get locked on the pious relation of marriage. It is one of the most famous designs.
  • Emperor couples promise rings– Sounds royal Nah. Well, this one is extremely beautiful and comes in the shape of a king’s crown from men and queen’s crown for women. It is made with extreme detailing and the design is just wow. If you believe in flattering and pampering your partner, then this one is perfect for you.
  • Matching promise heart rings – Just like how you give your heart to the person you love these rings will be the representation of it. The shape of a heart will be split in two within yours and your partner’s ring. When brought together they complete it. This one is extremely adorable.
  • Colored diamond rings – Diamond is a beauty itself and when it lies on your hand placed within a band it beauty further increases. You can gift your girlfriend diamond rings in different colors like blue or black.

This is a part of the long list of the shapes in which these beautiful bands come. The price of these rings depends upon is design and weight.

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