15 Style Tips From Carrie Bradshaw

15 Style Tips From Carrie Bradshaw

Today we kick off our series on style tips from some of the most fashionable women ever: real or fiction. What better what to start things than with the shoe queen that made America fall in love with fashion, and we fell hard. Check out 15 style tips from Carrie Bradshaw.

  1. More is more when it comes to accessories. Her season three accessory du jour was a large flower pin.
  2. Let your outfit do the talking. Seldom did Bradshaw experiment with makeup because her clothes were almost always over-the-top.
  3. Keep it tight. No matter how wild the outfit was, Bradshaw stuck to a fitted silhouette for the most part.
  4. Mix prints. This was 101 for Bradshaw, but it’s something more of us should do in real life. Black and white plus a colored print is a good starting place.
  5. The nautical shirt is a winner. Bradshaw wore the classic boatneck striped top with high waist floral skirts and jeans.
  6. A real stiletto elevates any outfit. Part of Bradshaw’s long, lean physique? A true stiletto with a pointed toe and high, high heel.
  7. Cropped pants make everything look cool. Bradshaw was a fan of cropped trouers, utilitarian pants and capris.
  8. The day clutch rules. Bradshaw frequently wore a day clutch (i.e. an oversized clutch) day and night.
  9. The party dress is a must. The party dress has fallen by the wayside, but a few SATC episodes remind you how appropriate they can be, even if it’s just for dinner.
  10. Top it off with a coat. An overcoat was always part of Bradshaw’s looks, whether they were lightweight and baby blue or wool and eggplant.
  11. A full skirt just works. Some of us feel overdressed in a full skirt, but Bradshaw showed how festive and easy the look can be.
  12. Casual cool. Bradshaw’s casual looks at home were still dressed-up for most of us. There’s something inherently cool about being dressed, even when you’re at home on the computer.
  13. The power of the topknot. Way before Vanessa Hudgens started wearing it, Bradshaw wore her hair in a topknot whether it was curly or straight.
  14. Day dresses are the easiest way to look cool fast. Bradshaw always looked approachable, but pulled together and that was, in part, because she wore a dress 75% of the time.
  15. The mini bag is easy for the woman on-the-go. Blame Bradshaw for one of spring’s hottest trends: the mini bag. She always went for a less is more approach when it came to purses, favoring the Fendi Baguette or a clutch.

Carrie Bradshaw full skirt

The full skirt silhouette is a constant for Carrie. The key to wearing the look in real life is to try it with something simple on top, like a T-shirt or knit sweater.

Carrie Bradshaw dress

Even for simple occasions, Carrie wears a dress. Make the look approachable by choosing a bright color or print and wear with flats. Dress down a frilly frock with a jacket.

Carrie Bradshaw at home

Even at home, Carrie manages to look fabulous. Since real life isn’t TV, this can be a tough one to pull off. Choose lightweight fabrics that are easy to move in, so you’re less likely to ditch them the minute you walk in the door.

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